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Computer Services

Trust INK+ for the best computer related repairs in Eastern Ontario.

At INK+ you are sure to receive the best services in town for computer repair. We specialize in hardware and software support, and in most cases, our expertise is unmatched in all of Ottawa and Gatineau region. As a matter of fact, many other computer stores in town come to us to perform certain repairs for their clients.

Our bilingual Technicians at INK PLUS are certified with one or more of the following internationally recognized computer certifications: A+ (hardware), Network+, Security+, MCP, MCSA (Microsoft), and are also experienced Apple repair technicians. We also have in our repair center some of the most advanced hardware repair equipment. By coupling our technicians’ expertise with this equipment, the result is an unmatched repair expertise and reliability in all of eastern Ontario.

Whether it’s a configuration problem, a virus cleaning, software trouble, malware invasion,  spyware infection, RCMP virus, slow computer or laptop, slow boot times, erratic computer behavior or performance, intermittent laptop issues, sound quality problem, a hardware repair or replacement of a motherboard, a broken or damaged LCD screen, a Video Chip issue (reflow, reballing or chip replacement) , damaged DC Jack, dead computer or power supply… we do it for all and respond effectively to the needs of our customers with the best possible cost effective solution.

We can repair software and hardware problem for the following products and more of all brands:

Desktop Computers, Laptops, Tablets and touch screen devices

Apple MacBook and MacBook Air, iMac, iPad and iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod…

Cell phones, especially iPhone, Blackberry and Samsung (certain exceptions apply)

Fresh software installation is of course a service that we offer, including selling licenses for many Operating Systems or software on the market (including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 licenses).

LCD screen replacement (and/or Glass or digitizer replacement) is a very popular repair for all the above products. Most LCD screens are carried in stock which means you don’t need to wait weeks to receive it. Most LCD repairs are done on the same day or next day (few exceptions).

We can also do upgrades for RAM or other upgradable computer components. Most items are in stock, including desktop and laptop power supplies at very competitive prices.

INK+ offers a wide variety of Apple MacBooks and desktop/tower computers for sale, as well as laptops of different brands like HP, Acer, Sony, Toshiba, Dell, IBM, Lenovo, eMachine, Gateway, Samsung, ASUS… and many more (availability may vary, please check with store).