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3D Printing

The future is NOW

Also known as “additive manufacturing” or “stereo lithography,” 3D printing is often depicted as a mysterious and seemingly magic process.

3D printing turns computer models into real physical things. It takes different materials, from biodegradeable plastic filament PLA to ABS plastic to Nylon, melts it into thin layers onto a surface, moves up and prints another layer. After layer upon layer, you are left with a physical object. You can use 3D modeling software such as Solidworks, the free google sketch up program, or go to, download free things that people have already created, and print them out in your own home or office or classroom.

Three-dimensional printing has been widely used in industrial contexts for more than two decades.  It is only recently, however, that 3-D printing has captured the public eye.  Greater refinement and reduced cost of the technology are primarily responsible for this phenomenon.


Due to the time consuming nature of 3d printing, all job(s) will be charged based on time. The maximum size we are currently able to print is 8 inches cubic [8 x 8 x 8] we accept common file format(s) such as *.Stl

$35 / hour
$20/ half hour
$12/ 15 minutes

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