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Ink Plus offers professional cellular device liquid damage repair services at low cost. Come visit us now and get your device working in no time!

Broke or Damaged the screen on your handheld device? Don’t worry, Ink Plus offers professional cellphone & tablet screen replacement service at affordable rate. 3 month warranty. Come get your free estimate now!

Broke the screen on your precious laptop? Come visit Ink Plus for affordable solution. 3 month warranty on labor, and manufacturer warranty on new screen. Satisfaction guaranteed. Come get your free estimate now!

Ink Plus Carlingwood offers custom printing service at affordable rate. Bring your ideas over on a digital format (*.jpg, *pdf etc.), and see them printed on the clothing item(s) of your choice. Wide range of in-store selection to choose from, customers are also welcome to bring in their own items for print.

Want a fresh OS install on your PC laptop, or desktop? Or even dual boot Windows OS on an Apple computer? Come visit us at Ink Plus. We offer Windows OS installation service at affordable rate. Ink Plus handles hardware with care, and will get your machine running in no time.

Lost or broke your apple charger? Don’t worry. Come visit Ink Plus. We offer generic Apple charger at affordable rate. Starting from only $45.

Looking for ways to raise awareness? Ink Plus offers high quality business cards, brochures, calendars, flyers, greeting cards, posters printing service and much more! Check with your local Ink Plus to find out what we can do for you.

Printer ink cartridge refilling service. Low cost & environment-friendly. Your cartridge(s) will be tested to guaranty satisfaction. No charge for non-functional cartridge(s). Come for our service with confidence.

Got an idea in mind and want to make it into reality? Looking for something unique? Come visit Ink Plus. We offer professional 3D printing service.

Due to the time consuming nature of 3d printing, all jobs will be charged based on time. The max size we are currently able to print is 8 inches cubic [8 x 8 x 8] we accept common file formats such as *.Stl