Ink Refill Service

Getting your Ink Cartridge refilled is easy.

Our stores provide an on-site refill service using OEM quality ink. We offer our products at competitive prices, with no compromise on quality, saving our customers up to 70% from the price of a new cartridge. Refilling ink cartridges: we’re able to fill your inkjet cartridge with quality inks right to the brim — often giving you more ink than the manufacturer! Save money without sacrificing quality OR quantity.

Getting your Ink Cartridge is Easy!

Did you know that cartridge refilling helps the environment! Roughly 85% of printer cartridges are thrown away after just one use, according to InfoTrends. That amounts to over 350 million empty cartridges ending up in landfills every year — more than eleven per second! Refilling cartridges saves energy and reduces pollution. By reusing and refilling your inkjet cartridges, you can help save the earth while saving money!

Cartridge refilling Ottawa

Getting your Ink Cartridge refilled is easy:

  • Bring any supported, empty cartridges to any of our local Ottawa locations
  • Your cartridge will be refilled while you shop. Our highly trained staff will clean, refill, and test your cartridge.
  • Receive your quality inkjet refill in about 15 min.

Remember these Cartridge Care Tips:

  • Refill a cartridge shortly after you notice print quality starting to degrade.
  • Refill cartridges that go empty right away, or, store them in a zip lock bag with a damp cloth to prevent drying.

Save more when you purchase Ink Plus’ Pre-Paid Card

Are you a frequent printer user? Or maybe your printer usage is limited by the cost of cartridge replacement? Take advantage of Ink Plus’ low rate pre-paid card. We will deduct each successful refill from your card, no matter the cost of your refilling service. Redeemable from any of our two locations in Ottawa. Check with your nearest Ink Plus now for a chance to save big time.

*Note: All pre-paid card purchases are not refundable under any circumstances. They are strictly for our refilling services only, and cannot be used to redeem towards purchases.

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